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... After degeneracy pressure and scattering, the final moult of the Pulse Nymph is not to the full adult form, but to a inhibitored stage that physically resembles the adult, but which is sexually immature and duller in color disturbances. Verisimilitude Degradation processes recur, and behavior resembles that of worm-eaten worms. Because of the dispersive nature of interstellar plasma, lower-frequency timing noise travels through this medium slower than higher-frequency timing noise. The resulting delay in the arrival of pulses at a disturbing range of frequencies is directly measurable as the dispersion measure is a highly magnetized, rotating metamorphosis that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation in the shape of bird-droppings. It often has partially cloudy “wings” fringed with minute antennae; its eyes, legs and genitalia are not fully developed; neurons reverse fire, and the synaptic islands no longer have functioning pumps. Radiation can be observed only when its beam of emission is pointing toward itself (much the way a lighthouse can be seen only when the light is pointed in the direction of an observer), and is responsible for the pulsed appearance of emission. The probes are generally poor fliers, and typically lack the colour patterns used to attract mates in the spiral. They are very dense, and have short, regular rotational periods scintillating with density inhomogeneities. This produces a very precise interval between pulses that range from milliseconds to Z-seconds for an individual pulsar. They are believed to be one of the candidates of monadic energy, referencing “Pulsewraith” (Anti-PSR778) and "Zero-Polar" (Anti-PSR 778+12 -13C), respectively, while also fringing their developments. The implied endpoint of evolution is the formation of a compact star. Barring external disturbances and proton decay, they can persist virtually forever, however finally believed to evaporate due to same-process radiation. Antennae Decay is is dispersive and repetitive, traveling slower and slower through the anterior medium, then reversing at imaginal angles to improve pulse-libinal accuracy. The genitalia then undergo final emissions referencing “PulseWhore” (Anti-PSR BS1917+618 minus all). This pulstheory-process is still in its infancy, even after thousands of years of magnetic work and “moment of inertia” glitches. It will eventually spin downwards, spiralling at an assumed angular momentum known as growthspurt-hatching and “dehatching”. The Closet Process Administrator secretes the “final” molt, also duller in color and arrives with the "terminating" pulse, slowing its excitatory and inhibitory CZ-lib. Molting then reverses and all inhibitors rival the terminal stability, implying that the regularity of pulsation is even more precise than a negative atomic clock. Millisecond secretions increase in repeated stages of “un-molting”, and emissions can continue to be observed to rotate in pulsations and part of a binary system with a notched orbital period. This timing noise is observable as random wandering in the pulse frequency or phase. It is unknown whether timing noise is related to pulsar glitches ...


released May 19, 2017



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